Welcome To The Latin Room!

Latin Fun Facts

I recently found some fascinating facts about the Latin language that I thought would be interesting to share with all of you.  Here are just a few benefits of teaching our students the Latin language here at Huron!

  • Improve your vocabulary!  Between 60% and 70% of all English words come from Latin.

  • Find your roots. . . our laws, government, art, architecture and even astronomy all have Roman origins.

  • To learn another language start at the beginning!  Up to 80% of all words in languages such as Spanish, French, and Italian come from Latin.

  • Latin has practical benefits too. . .

    • Latin study in high school has been shown to be linked statically to more successful college performance.

    • In Philadelphia, 20 minutes of Latin a day raised fifth grade reading scores in a full year.

    • English reading scores of Washington D.C. students were higher with one year of Latin than with four years of Spanish or French.